The Web Manager is responsible for strategy development, execution and management of the website. A key member of the Marketing & Communications Department, this position plays a significant role in championing the school’s web presence and helping to evolve its digital strategy to reflect the school’s stature as an innovative thought leader in business education. The Web Manager works closely with team members of the Marketing & Communications Department and across the school’s business units to ensure  and related web properties are continuously developed to further the school’s brand and communications strategies and its business goals.

This position resides within the Marketing & Communications Department at the School. The Web Manager works independently under the directives of the Associate Director, Interactive Marketing and User Experience. They also work in close collaboration with other Marketing & Communications team members, particularly the Communications Specialists and Social Media Specialist. They interface regularly with the school’s Business Technology Management Office on IT staff on operational issues and large scale projects. They manage relationships with external vendors and liaise with other web managers from the community.

Work Performed

Strategy and planning

    • Plans, initiates, and executes web, social and digital marketing strategies to support the school’s annual marketing and communications objectives.
      While working at the JIBC, as a part of the marking team, it was my job to provide creative impute in the brainstorming process, and support my team by implementing our fall BE THE ONE campaign web presence.  This included making web asset like banners and landing pages, url alias’s and redirects.
    • Works with web stakeholders across internal business units to develop ongoing strategies to ensure optimal web presence and impact, including formulating long-term/short-term objectives, goal setting and analytics/measurement, user experience evaluations, search performance, social media integration, etc.
      At JIBC I have created Journey-maps and user flows to provide stakeholders with the basic framework for understanding user touchpoints across the full cycle of interactions with our sites.


  • Develops and implements web and digital marketing tactics to support school-wide or program-specific marketing or business development initiatives such as brand/program marketing, new program launches, and recruitment campaigns, which may include planning and developing landing pages, creating new web assets, content and social media integration, implementing Search Engine Operation and Search Engine Marketing plans, and liaising with relevant internal stakeholders or external vendorsVideo: 51.9 percent marketers worldwide named video as the type of content giving the best ROI (Adobe 2015). Cisco predicts that by 2020, video will account for 82 percent of all consumer internet traffic. Facebook is planning to add a dedicated video tab in their apps in a major redesign, aiming to become the home of videos on the internet. LinkedIn has jumped in the race with native video for B2B.

EMAIL : Segmented & behavior based email marketing. As consumers subscribe to more brands online, the volume of emails hitting their inboxes has only gone up in the past one year. This has resulted in higher unsubscribe rates and lower open rates.

User Interface : By 2017, if not earlier, UX practitioners will be implementing the Human Gesture throughout their work, bringing about the much needed human touch to the products of the future.


  • Acts as an advocate for Marketing & Communications Department during major capital projects, e.g. web platform migration, CMS implementation, and development of new look and feel, and mobile development
    Interactive media normally refers to products and services on digital computer-based systems which respond to the user’s actions by presenting content such as text, moving image, animation, video, audio.


  • Directs and collaborates with external agencies, consultants, and service providers in cultivating ideas and strategies that reflects digital thought leadership for the school
  • Acts as the chief liaison school-wide for the execution of web projects, including microsites, landing pages, usability testing, new functionality, visual design refresh, etc.
    trained admins, approving workflow, checking  links, spelling, code. Intranet connections –sql coldfusion. software
  • Creates digital channels and linkages in order to enhance the integration of content across the website .   I believe in cross-promotion social channels, authentic stories, employ advocacy, student advocacy, grad advocacy.
  • Maintains the website’s look and feel and ensures brand consistency across web properties
    Working for large institutions like BChydro and Sasktel I’m am used to adhering to strike brand guide lines and the Canadian press spelling style guide
  • Develops Search Engine Operation strategy and leads its implementation.
    Conversion tracking in Adwords,  remove broke urls causing 404, 303 errors. Broken links, embedded styles.  Recommendation of updating core security,   not filtering out internal IP addresses, analytics not setup correctly, created triggers for our ad manager.  Google remarketing.


  • Monitor and analyze web performance and analytics in order to cultivate insights and intelligence that are relevant to the department’s business objectives
  • Follows industry trends and best practices and identifies opportunities for integration into the school’s strategy and for stakeholder education.   I have attending at least 3 online social media conferences in the last year.  I look for relevant content and send it to colleges and other admins.
  • Identifies opportunities to leverage and interface with social media in order to maintain a healthy level of engagement with the web content.  Relevant content that is topical to events currently happening,  for jibc its fentanyl research,  for sanders trading, business with the states with this new administration. 
  • Oversees digital marketing coordinator and social media specialist roles.


Quality control

  • Ensures that the presence of the school’s website and related web properties reflect the professionalism and quality appropriate for a world-class educational institution with a global audience
  • Ensures the school’s brand and graphics standards and communications guidelines are applied correctly and consistently
  • Monitors web content, functionality, design, and performance on a daily basis, identifies issues, and facilitates resolution by working with the appropriate web stakeholder(s) and/or IT staff
  • Recommends improvements to internal standards and processes to increase quality, performance, and stakeholder satisfaction
  • Operational management
  • Leads and facilitates all activities impacting the website’s operational and functional lifecycle
  • Creates, updates, and maintains content in web content management system
  • Works with internal web stakeholders to evaluate their web requests, provides feedback or counsel based on industry best practices, and assists with implementation
  • Troubleshoots where necessary to ensure integrity and functionality of content, links, forms, registration flows, etc., and makes corrections or relays the task to IT
  • Examines and analyzes site traffic to report on website health and KPIs on a regular basis
  • Examines and analyzes social media and digital marketing metrics and KPIs and reports on a regular basis.
  • Interfaces with IT staff and external vendors as the school’s technical lead on high-profile school initiatives


Undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline.  Prefer Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in digital media, graphic design, marketing, communications or commensurate work experience  Minimum of two years experience or the equivalent combination of education and experience.  –      Prefer relevant website management experience as a webmaster or web producer

  • Experience designing, developing, launching, and maintaining large, content-heavy web sites with responsive design; experience with large-scale web platform migration is an asset
  • Experience working in a large, multi-stakeholder organization and with cross-functional teams
  • Experience working with enterprise-level CMS, preferably with Sitecore, Sitefinity or other similar .NET enterprise CMS; experience with Drupal or other similar PHP-based CMS is an asset
  • Demonstrated experience integrating social media into web strategy and expertise in mobile, SEO, and SEM
  • Experience with multilingual web content implementation is an asset



  • Strong IT project management skills and the ability to work both collaboratively and independently on complex projects with multiple stakeholders
  • Ability to manage projects with multiple stakeholders and business objectives
  • Working knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks or equivalent
  • Solid understanding of visual design aesthetics and graphic standards
  • Strong customer service and commitment to quality
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.