Cross Domain Tracking in Google Analytics

GATC trackers only work on main and sub-domains you other domains must be added manually. For example:  You have a website,  with a class registration on Marketing campaigns will bring users to landing pages but the actual registration happens on Webadvisor website. To understand a users journey, you need to share sessions across […]

Conversion Tracking in Google Analytics with Goal and Funnels

Conversion tracking or Outcome analysis is a technique to quantify website’s target objectives and fulfilment there are two types of conversion on a website: macro conversion: wen visitors makes actual purchase micro conversion: steps that get users closer to macro conversions In Ga, Macro conversion are being measured with Ecommerce Tracking and Micro conversions with […]

Content Experiment in Google Analytics

A/B testing is a type of testing where two versions of a web page ( version A and version B), are compared against each other to determine which on performs the best. Performance is normally measured within context of conversion, like generating highest conversion rate. To Run the test, traffic will be split randomly and […]

Custom Dimensions and Metrics

Key Concepts of Custom Dimensions and Metrics google analytics automatically collects a long list of built-in dimensions but we can create specific dimensions Custom Dimensions and metrics are property level configurations and when created, will appear under all views under the property. They are only available under universal analytics, or android and IOS property setups. […]

Google Analytics Tracking Code and Actions

In this post I will break down the elements of your Google Analytics Tracking code and cookies. Your tracking code can be found in your analytics admin under property settings,  It will look similar to this: <!– Global site tag (gtag.js) – Google Analytics –> <script async src=”*********-***”></script> <script> window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; function […]