Conversion Tracking in Google Analytics with Goal and Funnels

Conversion tracking or Outcome analysis is a technique to quantify website’s target objectives and fulfilment

there are two types of conversion on a website:

  • macro conversion: wen visitors makes actual purchase
  • micro conversion: steps that get users closer to macro conversions

In Ga, Macro conversion are being measured with Ecommerce Tracking and Micro conversions with Goals

Using Goals, you will be able to measure number of conversion, and conversion rates on your website

You can also identify performance of your marketing efforts by correlating the goals to your marketing campaigns.

Key Concepts of Conversion Tracking

  1. Goals are a view level configuration in Google analytics
  2. to create a goal, normally no coding is required
  3. you can create up to 20 goals per view
  4. goals are grouped in 4 sets, each set contains 5 goals: its is just a grouping and has no impact whatsoever on Goals settings, configurations or data recording.

There are 4our major Goal types:

  1. Destination- a specific location  loads- thank you page ( you can define the path you expect the visitors to go through to a specific conversion.
  2. Duration- Visits that lasts a specific amount of time or long- long session period
  3. Pages/Screens epr visit- A visitor views a specific number of pages or screens- user interacted with your site a lot
  4. Event- an action defined as an event is trigger – users clicked on newsletter signup for example.

To setup goals,  Identify your conversion achievements on your website based on your KPI’s.

Goals can be viewed in your conversion reporgts