Content Experiment in Google Analytics

A/B testing is a type of testing where two versions of a web page ( version A and version B), are compared against each other to determine which on performs the best.

Performance is normally measured within context of conversion, like generating highest conversion rate.

To Run the test, traffic will be split randomly and evenly between the variations of the page.

A multivariate test also compares multiple versions of a page at once, by testing all possible combinations of variations at the same time, included components on a page.

A/B testing is important because:

  • You can test ideas, It helps you determine which layout design has a chance to give you better performance when there is competition
  • you can determine your customers decision making process
  • You can test ideas improve conversions.

Popular testing tools:

  • Google Analytics content Experiment
  • google optimize
  • Optimizely
  • SiteSpects
  • adobe test and target
  • visual website optimizer
  • Crazy egg